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1 hello on Thu 18 Oct 2012, 10:06 am

blue thunder

hi , my name is mark
ive been around boat racing for the last forty years , my parents use to race and in time i got the bug .
i brought my first boat in 1993 , it was a thurger 19'6 rayson craft called blue thunder .
at first all i was going to do was go water skiing , then after weeks of debate my dad talked me into doing a 1hr enduro race on lake illawarra .
after comming third in my first race i was hooked , over next ten years i competed in classes from big block class , to 7.4 ltr class , unlimited unblown , then B.A.D class . i am proud to say i have met some sensational friends along the way from all over australia .ive had the pleasure to be able to say , that i have raced , and lined up against the best the sport had offered to date . ive watched the sport grow and develop along the way with boats and speed ever growing from the mid 80's with speeds of 100mph to date of 165mph .i have crewed from some great people and love to get away from work and just enjoy the sport .i look forward to meeting and having a cold can in the pits some where some day soon . after all im sure this was the way i met and enjoyed peoples company when things where more social .looking forward to summer and burning around on the lake having a good time with everyone soon .
all the best
mark welding .

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2 Re: hello on Fri 19 Oct 2012, 9:17 am

The Spook



Welcome to the forum.

The club is racing this Sunday at Toukley. Pits open at 0800 and racing from about 10.30.

Bob Forbes

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