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october raceday

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1 october raceday on Tue 06 Nov 2012, 7:02 am

Little Lucifer

Vice Admiral
Vice Admiral
sorry about the late report [puta probs]
was bit of a overcast day with near perfect water conditions good mix of boats turned up .was good to see bob miller have a drive he had a mates boat and wasnt takin any prisners . the little hydro had fun looked great skipin around the corners peter is starting to get the hang of it a couple of blowen boats a f3 was a great days racing til the last race was a 5 laper reflections took the lead by a couple of boat lenghts from wicked till the 2nd corner when he spun and hit wicked rear corner .wicked made it back to the ramp reflections how ever didnt come off to good smashing the left sponson clean off damage to the right one damage to the nose.we got the diver wet this time.both drivers were ok takin to tim the driver of reflections after the clean up he had a lot of good things to say about his cell however it may be the end of the red kt so it was a great days racing till the last race but thankfully no body was hert hope to see you all in december

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