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New powerboat simulator

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1 New powerboat simulator on Tue 10 Dec 2013, 7:35 am


Admiral of the Fleet
Admiral of the Fleet
Focus: New powerboat simulator

We made a virtual splash at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando in November by inviting visitors to take the helm of our new powerboat simulator.

Guests at the show were able to climb aboard a Hexatech 3CTR (three-seater) technology demonstrator simulator and launch themselves into the water in a dual engine P1 powerboat or a fast interceptor military vessel, carefully modelled by our vehicle dynamics engineers. This is the first Cruden simulator to offer interaction for three guests at once. The guest to the right of the driver controls the throttle; the person on the left is the navigator while the person in the middle controls the steering.

The powerboat simulator is a more affordable way for attractions owners to specify a Cruden simulator; requiring fewer degrees of motion than a racing simulator. We aim to offer the 2-DOF simulator as a two-unit experience at around €150,000.

“This year, IAPPA was all about demonstrating Cruden’s intention as a serious simulator technology leader in the attractions sector, and in a number of imaginable experience settings. The sophistication of our simulators is already appreciated by race engineers for vehicle development; now we will help the market understand what that means for water or air craft and for interactive experiences incorporating multiple guest inputs, such as
powerboat racing or wild water rafting,” said Frank Kalff, Cruden commercial director.

“We have observed that of the many power- or speedboat simulators on the market, none really provide a representative feeling of speed, acceleration, deceleration or force feedback. We have spent hours with the Dutch military on its fast interceptor vessels and security boats to get the motion just right.”

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