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Holden parts

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1Holden parts Empty Holden parts on Wed 08 Jan 2014, 11:35 pm

Triple H Racing

Does anyone need any Holden parts?

I have 3 cams 5 inlet manifolds; low rise duel plane, low rise single plane, 2 x high rise and 1 by stock 4 barrel. I have a set of big port 253-308 heads fully loaded with roller gear, multiple sets and styles of rocker covers, hard to get alternator brackets x 2, 2 x complete 6AL ignition systems,1 standard ignition set all including leads 4 performance coils(1 is for drag racing) , multiple sets of rods and pistons (some Chevy), 1 x steel crank 1 x normal crank, caps and studs, lifters and rods, 1 x virgin bore 253 block, multiple sets of duel row timing gear various assembly nuts and brackets, water jackets.
This stuff is in Bundaberg and I work away from home so you would have to be a little patient with me to check if I have what you want, and then send it.
This is more about cleaning out my shed than money so all prices by offer (be fair) the little stuff studs lifters push rods etc you can have I just don’t want to bin them, I have only kept the good stuff.
This is more about cleaning out my shed than money.
Ph. 04197803560419780356

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