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Club Race Day Info

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1 Club Race Day Info on Fri 21 Jan 2011, 9:37 am


Admiral of the Fleet
Admiral of the Fleet
Entry forms are very similar to what you would see if you raced at other boat clubs.

Scrutineering is also very similar to what you would expect at other race clubs. Boat must have a kill switch.

You will need to bring with you your current State Boating Authority licence and Current registration papers for you boat. Photo copies and or out of date licences and rego papers are not acceptable.

Driver equipment minimum is, helmet, full length driving suit (overalls in good nick will suffice), footwear, lifejacket with leg straps (in good nick).

Racing is run on an oval or triangular course. It just depends on what we feel like setting up. Most drivers seem to like the triangle.

We dont run classes as such. We try to make sure that every one who races on the day races against every one else who turns up on the day. IE mixed racing. Pole positions are purely random. IE Pole positions are not based upon boat type or speed. We will put inexperienced drivers on the outside when they first turn up.

There are no sheep stations involved. Winning a race is not the point of the exercise, its just a byproduct of the day if your boat is quick enough.

We do not allow zoomies. All boats must run at a minimum, over the transom pipes with all cooling water exiting via the exhaust.
The Club and NSW Maritime monitor noise levels. Those of you who run the water into the pipes at the collector and then run the water pipe to the end of the pipe will be frowned upon.

The usual safety rules apply. No smoking in the pits or ramp and hardstand area. No alcohol or drinking in the pits or ramp area or hardstand area.

All drivers and volunteers will be breathtested at the start of the day and we reserve the right to breathtest any person (including pit crews) at random during the day.

In essence we run a race day, in same the manner any other club would. We have a diver and paramedic on the water during racing and course safety boats on the water during racing as well.

I've tried to cover what I can think of, if there is anything else that you want me to cover let me know.


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